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  • Cz lux 600 rifle
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    17,850 ر.س

    The CZ 600 Lux is the latest version of the classic CZ center fire hunting rifle. Comes with a traditional European style stock made of selected grade Walnut. Its decorative front is made of dark brown plywood. Fish scale checkers knobs ensure comfortable and reliable handling. The nut is also used for the bolt handle. This model is available in five of the most popular hunting calibers – starting with the 223 Rem. Up to 300 win. mag. The interchangeable cold-forged barrel has a threaded muzzle (thread guard included) and features open sights including a fiber-optic front and rear sight. The optics can be mounted to the nitrided steel receiver via Remington 700 bases and rings.

  • CZ TS 0 9×19 Deep Bronze
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    13,000 ر.س

    Sport specific with custom, hand-crafted components to compete in the standard IPSC division. Featuring a matching slide and bezel in deep bronze, Plus a polished barrel. The flat handles, magazine base and adjustable magazine release are made of black anodized duralumin. Flat slide release and thumb rest come standard.

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    CZ TS 2 9×19 Racing Green
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    8,900 ر.س

    A more advanced sport design of the standard IPSC section with flat green anodized duralumin handles and green anodized baseplate magazines. Advanced components include a height-adjustable metal rear sight, thumb rest, flat slide stop, and an adjustable green anodized magazine release.

  • -37%Limited
    CZ TS 2, 9×19 Black Polycoat
    Rated 0 out of 5
    8,500 ر.س

    generational leap, This particular sport is designed to dominate competition in the IPSC Standard Division and the USPSA, As well as in other target shooting disciplines and hobby shooting. The base model TS 2 is suitable for beginners and advanced competitors alike. The pistol is fitted with an anodized silver flat duralumin grip, and solid metal sights, and an extended manual safety on the left side and a flat manual safety on the right. A pin to replace the slide stop is included as part of the package

  • CZ p-07, cal. 9mm Luger suppressor ready, black
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    4,500 ر.س

    SA/DA compact pistol with an external rail and highly durable polymer frame. This highly popular model excels in accuracy and reliability in all weather conditions and is specifically designed for the armed forces and for concealed carry.

  • CZ P-10 S OR, 9×19,12rnd
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    4,300 ر.س
  • 30 inch black fiber shotgun
    Rated 0 out of 5
  • 300 caliber CZ Alpha rifle
    Rated 0 out of 5
    12,500 ر.س
  • 300 caliber CZ Luxe rifle
    Rated 0 out of 5
    15,000 ر.س
  • 300 CZ Ergo rifle
    Rated 0 out of 5
    14,500 ر.س
  • Benelli SBE II Spicial Limited 28 Inc 12 Ga
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    A semi-automatic shotgun with a 3-inch chamber for customers who want a high-performance Super Magnum but don’t want to compromise on sophistication and style. The new SBE II has become a must-have for duck hunters. Its elegant appearance is enhanced by a high-quality walnut stock and a beautiful finished receiver engraved with charming hunting scenes. Barrels and stops are quenching treated for great performance. The original, highly aggressive design of the trigger guard provides quick access to the trigger and ensures a secure and secure grip in all situations. Power, elegance, precision, stability, fast cycle, great reliability

  • Carbine GP Stribog SP9A2 9×19 2 magzn,
    Rated 0 out of 5
    14,150 ر.س

    pistol version with 8 barrels, Supplied without stock as a pistol. Stribog SP9 A3 provides the reliability and durability of previous versions, Plus it brings a pair of fundamental improvements in the form of a semi-closed bolt with delayed action via the carriage spool and a non-reciprocating charging handle that stays in the forward position when firing.

  • Cobra, 2” Barrel, .38 Special, Brass Bead Front Sight, Tumble
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    The Colt Cobra® marked Colt’s triumphant return to the world of double-action pistols. Its small frame and 2″ barrel make it ideal for concealed carry. The Cobra® is built in a special .38 and capable +P, With a rubber wrapped grip that’s moved back to help manage recoil. This firearm is designed to meet the needs of new and seasoned shooters alike. It’s fun to photograph, easy to carry, It derives from the precise proportions that make Colt pistols distinctive.

  • CZ 457 Black Raven 22LR, 24
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    7,500 ر.س
  • CZ 457 Jaguar XII, Cal .22 LR, 10 Rnd. 726mm, 1/2×20
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    8,000 ر.س

    An updated version of the famous CZ rimfire rifle with the longest barrel on display (726 mm). The tangential rear sight is adjustable between 25 and 200 metres, And the arrow is decorated with a Jaguar ornament, Claw marks have been used in place of the traditional checkers. Essential accessories include a 10-round metal magazine.

  • CZ 457 Thumbhole, Cal .22LR, 5 Rnd. 525mm
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    With great design and perfect ergonomics, The 457 Thumbhole has a sturdy armored stock with a unique integrated trigger guard and comes in a stylish gray/brown. with symmetrical features, This modern thumb hole is equally comfortable for both right- and left-handed shooters. The stable nature of the laminate stock and cold hammer-forged barrel allow shooters to effectively engage medium and long-range targets. The Thumbhole is chambered in a .22 LR and comes with a 20-inch barrel. Muzzle has a ½ x20 UNF threaded muzzle and comes with an active cylinder compensator.

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