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  • Ballistol Anti-corrosive Oil 50ml/ 21010 29 ر.س

    Ballistol oil is used to preserve the metal, and wood, leather, rubber, synthetic materials, and skin, animal coat, And much more. Ballistol Oil is ideally suited for crafts, and industry, agriculture, and homes, and gardening, and vehicles, and fishing, and fishing, and shooting sports.

  • Ballistol Felt Classic, Kal. .22, 60/23192 40 ر.س

    Cleaning lead made of sheep’s wool capable of removing plankton, dirt and gunpowder residues from the bore holes

    Safe and does not leave residue inside the barrel

    Easy and fast to use

  • Ballistol Felt Classic, Kal. .260, 60 /23196 45 ر.س

    Cleaning lead made of sheep’s wool capable of removing plankton, dirt and gunpowder residues from the bore holes

    Safe and does not leave residue inside the barrel

    Easy and fast to use

  • Ballistol GunCer Ceramic Gun Grease 70g 23771 99 ر.س

    Lubricating all sliding pairs and providing the highest protection against rust. It is neutral to plastic, varnish, wood and polish

    Can be used for sled guides, pulleys, latches, lock nipples and hinge bolts. Contains no silicone or PTFE

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  • Hoppes 9 Lubricating Oil Black Bottle 2.25 Oz 29 ر.س

    Seat lubricant which is an ideal oil for all anglers. Use this oil before and after fishing trips to provide protection from moisture and rust. Unlike traditional lubricating oil, It contains a moisture-wicking agent that draws out moisture while lubricating your firearm. The bottle also has an applicator cap for easy and precise application.

  • Hoppes 9 Lubricating Oil Orange Bottle 2.25 Oz 29 ر.س

    Hoppe Conventional Lubricant is a high viscosity oil that has been refined to perfection. It is long lasting and does not harden or deteriorate.

  • Silicone chamber oil , 1/4 oz /RMCOIL 35 ر.س

    It works quickly and easily

    Dedicated to PCP guns and breakage

    The ideal solution for lubricating the lashes of basmati and nitro for air guns

    The best protection for calves and prolongs their use

    Does not affect plastic materials

  • Silikon-Oil, 65 ml./23807 25 ر.س

    Silicone oil is ideal for gun care. Parts made of rubber, plastic and metal can be protected and lubricated with silicone oil. Due to the high surface adhesion of silicone oil, The oil film remains for a very long time. So , Silicone oil is also ideal for the care and maintenance of CO2 pistols and airsoft guns. Plastics obtained by very economical treatment with silicone oil restore their natural appearance, It prevents dryness and split ends.

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  • Tetra® Gun Grease (1oz.)/005i 23 ر.س

    It works quickly and easily

    reduce friction

    prevents corrosion

    Withstands temperature -100 degrees Fahrenheit to 750 degrees Fahrenheit

    low smell

    It does not bring dirt or plankton

  • Ballistol Cold Degreaser Spray, 200 ml, 23360 30 ر.س

    Removes grease, grease, oil, soot, nicotine and even dried oil deposits and resin from diesel and other organic contamination of all kinds of metals, plastic parts, glass and many other materials. So the cold degreaser and degreaser is applicable as a universal cleaner and suitable for workshops, and industries, and canteens, restaurants, and private homes, building cleaners, plumbers, and sports shooters

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  • Ballistol Quick-browning 50ml/ 23600 60 ر.س

    Obtaining a permanent brown color and is resistant to corrosion.

  • BALLISTOL Spray, 100 ml, englisch Anti Corrosiv Oil / 21630 40 ر.س

    Harmless to the skin

    Environmentally friendly cleaner

    Biodegradable maintenance

    Rust protection without coating

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  • Brunox (R) carbon care 120 ml /BR0,12CARBON 40 ر.س

    Use for gas guns, carbon and aluminum products

    For the ultimate care and maintenance of gas guns, aluminum parts and fiber rods

    Protects calves and plastic parts

    . Cleans, shines, dissolves moisture, repels dust and dirt.

    The essential product to care for all carbon fiber and aluminum. and return it to its original condition after prolonged use or contamination with oil and other hard residues.

    Simply clean the surface and then let it dry.

    Spray it on or add it to a clean cloth and gently buff the ingredients. You will be really surprised by the high glossy results

    Perfectly suitable for plastic, leather and rubber.

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  • BRUNOX (R) LUB & COR (R) 100ml/ BRG0.10LUB&COR 52 ر.س

    It is a high-tech product that maintains cleanliness and lubrication at the same time

    It can be used to protect guns during transportation and during storage and also for guns used only once a week for example.

    It can be used in all weathers and in all climatic zones with good protection to prevent rust.

    Bronx is specifically designed to protect rifles and other metal objects from corrosion when stored for extended periods. Tests have shown that weapons protected with Lub & Cor will not rust when left in storage (under a roof) for 12 months and for 6 months when left completely in the open.

    Bronx coats the metal object with a thin layer of oil 5-10 microns thick that does not harden. It can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

    Not just a preservative it is also an excellent lubricant.

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  • Brunox (R) Pflege100ml/ BRGD0,10TSZERST 44 ر.س

    Bronox Turbo Spray ensures complete protection from corrosion as well as the preservation of cavities. It also ensures a cohesive protective layer to maintain surfaces

    Contains a long lasting lubricant

    Excellent barrel cleaner for its ability to penetrate crevices and cavities and break up accumulated dirt and gunpowder

    Withstands high temperatures and keeps weapons from various weather factors

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