BRUNOX (R) LUB & COR (R) 100ml/ BRG0.10LUB&COR

52 ر.س

It is a high-tech product that maintains cleanliness and lubrication at the same time

It can be used to protect guns during transportation and during storage and also for guns used only once a week for example.

It can be used in all weathers and in all climatic zones with good protection to prevent rust.

Bronx is specifically designed to protect rifles and other metal objects from corrosion when stored for extended periods. Tests have shown that weapons protected with Lub & Cor will not rust when left in storage (under a roof) for 12 months and for 6 months when left completely in the open.

Bronx coats the metal object with a thin layer of oil 5-10 microns thick that does not harden. It can be easily cleaned with a cloth.

Not just a preservative it is also an excellent lubricant.

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  • BRUNOX (R) LUB & COR (R) 100ml/ BRG0.10LUB&COR

    52 ر.س

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      BRUNOX (R) LUB & COR (R) 100ml/ BRG0.10LUB&COR

      52 ر.س

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      a model: Bronox

      origin: Switzerland

      weight: 100 mm

      the use: To protect and lubricate

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